Positive Behavior Support

Stamp Count

225 stamps will be given to all students at the beginning of each nine weeks by their homeroom teacher in the student's "bee stamp account."  This will allow all students to have the opportunity to have 900 stamps for the entire year.

Stamps are deducted when students write checks.  A student cannot write bad checks or they will receive a discipline slip.

There will be six-week incentives, which will cost 50 or 100 stamps.  Incentives that are a half day will cost 100 stamps and incentives that are only one class period will cost 50 stamps. The Day in the Park will cost 500 stamps. 

Students will write checks for infractions and give to the classroom teacher.  The classroom teacher will give the written checks to the homeroom teacher.

Students may earn extra stamps throughout the year by completing PBS book reports.  They may complete 3 reports per six weeks for 10 stamps each.

Infractions include:

No class materials (book, folder, pencil, paper, etc.), Locker Pass, or did not complete homework.


Students who do not write checks or have lunch isolations or office referrals for the grading period will be our "Perfectly Positive" students.  There will be a Perfectly Positive Bulletin Board with these students' names displayed in the cafeteria.  Perfectly Positive students will be invited to a dinner in their honor at the end of each 9 weeks.