Pulsar Search Collaboratory

Pulsar Search Collaboratory

Pulsars are the dense spinning magnetic cores leftover after a super massive star goes supernova! Want to help scientists discover new pulsars? The Pulsar Search Collaboratory is your chance to do so! After training, PSC students gain access to radio astronomy data collected  by the Green Bank Telescope, the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope. PSC members then analyze the data to search for new pulsars. Finding a pulsar is a significant scientific discovery, which advances our knowledge of the Universe!  To date, PSC students have analyzed more than 2,000,000 pieces of data, discovered 8 new pulsars, have been authors on many scientific publications, and were honored at the White House by the president! Students who participate in PSC for 2 years can gain college credit through WVU! So what are you waiting for? See Mrs. Adkins to join today! Any Moorefield Middle or Moorefield High School student over the age of 13 is eligible. 

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PSP Camp

PSC Camp 2019

Congratulations to Moorefield High School student Zoe Vickers who completed this year's PSC Camp at Green Bank Observatory July 13-20 and became a certified PSC Member! Zoe's team at PSC Camp was selected as the "Green Leaf" (new) Team of the Year! Great job! They researched dim pulsars and calculated the lowest flux density observing limit of the 20 meter radio telescope. In other words, they figured out just how dim a pulsar can be (in radio) to still be detected by the 20 meter telescope! Here is a picture of Zoe with world renowned astrophysicist Duncan Lorimer!