About the School

MIS Mission and Vision Statements

Moorefield Intermediate School Mission Statement:        Motivating Independent Student Leaders

Moorefield Intermediate School Vision Statement:  We strive to INSPIRE ethically responsible problem solvers, who will become productive members of our community.  

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About The School

Moorefield Intermediate began its first school year in 2008-2009.    MIS opened its doors for students on December 16, 2008.  MIS has 5 third grade classrooms, 5 fourth grade classrooms, and 5 fifth grade classrooms. 

 We focus on building leadership within our students by holding them accountable for their learning and individual growth.  Students keep Leadership Notebooks that track their progress in various areas of development.  Students also participate in Leadership Clubs twice a month that provide opportunities for them to learn through personal interest and social/emotional development.  Students also participate in leadership lessons twice a month to update leadership data binders and reflect on the 7 habits.