Car Rider Loop Information

Parents, please read the following information regarding car riders and the car rider loop.  This is very important information if you are dropping off or picking up your child at the school.  

Moorefield Intermediate School’s Car Rider Guidelines

  • Always send a note if your child’s original dismissal plan changes including your child’s full name, grade, and teacher.

    • Please be as detailed as possible (color, make, and model of vehicles are appreciated).

  • Any transportation changes need to be received by 2:00 to the office.

  • Please be patient.

  • Morning arrival may not begin until 7:30, teachers are not on duty until that time. 

    • School begins at 7:45.

  • Evening arrival at MIS is no earlier than 2:10 to pick up your student.

    • Car rider dismissal is at 2:30.

  • For the safety of all students, please remain in your lane.

  • No passing other vehicles on the left.

  • Pull as far forward as you can to allow maximum number of cars to be filled at a time.

  • Please clearly display car rider signs by hanging from rear view mirror or placing them on passenger dashboard.

    • You can request multiple copies if you drive multiple vehicles or have multiple designated adults to pick up your child.

  • You may be asked to park your vehicle if your child is delayed for any reason.

  • All passengers and drivers need to remain in their vehicle.

  • Masks are to be worn into and out of the building.

  • Thank you for adhering to these guidelines to ensure the safety of all!