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Josh See
Director of Facilities and Transportation

304-530-2348  Ext:9233

Erana Price-Sanders
Secretary of Transportation

304-530-2348  Ext:9226

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2023-2024 School Year Start and End Times

WV State Code 17C-12-7

4-Way Stop Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety

Safety Zones


As required by West Virginia State Board of Education – Policies: 2525 and 4336

           The parent/guardian of their designee shall be at the bus stop for both pickup and delivery of all students Pre-K thru Third grade.  If a parent/guardian elects to designate another adult or sibling (6th grade thru 12th grade), they shall make a request in writing to the school the child attends and Hardy County Schools Transportation Department listing all approved names.

            In the event no one is at the bus stop for delivery, the student will be kept on the bus and the bus operator will immediately radio the Transportation Department advising that no one was there to meet the student. 

            The Schools and Transportation Department will then attempt to contact the parent or emergency number. If no one can be reached, the student will then be taken back to the school at the end of the bus run. If no one comes for the student by 5:00 pm, Child Protective Services will be contacted for further disposition.

            In the case where the parent/guardian is consistently (3 times) failing to meet the bus or do not have an active phone number(s), Child Protective Services will be called immediately.

            If you have any questions please contact Erana Price-Sanders, Transportation Secretary, at (304)530-2348, extension 9226.