Universal Pre-K

What is Universal Pre-K?       

Universal Pre-K is a classroom that is set up to work with any child that is 4 years old.  The classroom is developmentally appropriate, providing early childhood programming, curricula and activities to address the stages of each child's cognitive, physical, social/emotional, language, and cultural development.

Who is eligible?

West Virginia passed a law mandating that all counties develop a Pre-K program according to Policy 2525 for any child who is 4 years old prior July 1.  Enrollment in an approved participating WV Pre-K program is voluntary: however, once the child is enrolled, attendance must follow WV Code 18-8-1

More About Pre-K

The West Virginia plan is designed to be a collaborative setting.  This means that a classroom of WV Pre-K children may be supported by two or more partners and benefit all children enrolled in the collaborative classroom.  The partnership shall include at a minimum the Local Education Agency(meaning the county school system) and Head Start or Child Care or other community early childhood providers.

What this means is that the county school system is responsible for developing the program, but the classroom may be provided outside of the public school system, in a Head Start setting, a child care center, or in another agency that provides early childhood care.

All classrooms, regardless of where the classroom si located, will meet all of the requirements of this policy and have a contractual agreement with the county school system to operate a Pre-K classroom.

Pre-K in Hardy County

Currently, Hardy County Pre-K classrooms are in collaboration with the Board of Education, EACHS Head Start, and the Hardy County Child Care Center. 

The Board of Education will be responsible for the oversight of the Pre-K classrooms, regardless of where the classroom is located.  This means that all children in the Pre-K program will receive the same curriculum.  The Pre-K classrooms will ensure that all enrolled children are better prepared to enter public school.

Pre-K is not mandatory, but when the county plan is complete, all children who wish to be included will be served.

Should you have questions, please contact Jennifer Strawdeman, Assistant Superintendent, at 304-530-2348 ext. 9231.